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  • Want to learn the skills you need to take on the Mongol Derby?
  • Hillbillie Willie and the Sleeping Giant
  • Montana’s Inaugural Sleeping Giant Endurance Ride: Just Wow!
  • Wales: ‘We raced the last mile’: cob pips Arab to triumph in this year’s Man V Horse race
  • 2024 Sleeping Giant photos by David Hollenback
  • 2024 Trout Lake photos by David Honan
  • Montana: Endurance horse riders take on Sleeping Giant
  • 2024 June's Horses in the Morning Endurance Podcast
  • Podcast: Pushing Limits: McKayla and Sandy's first 50-mile Endurance ride
  • Australia: Tribute for Ron Males 1931-2024
  • Australia: Jackie Byrnes' legacy in athletics, endurance riding to be remembered
  • A Golden Trifecta for UAE's Saeed
  • 2024 Mary and Anna Memorial 100 - Emilee Randal
  • 2024 Moonshine Run photos by Jessica Jones
  • 2024 City of Rocks Pioneer photos by Merri Melde
  • 2024 Mary and Anna Memorial Ride photos by Jala Neufeld
  • Wild Horses Find Sanctuary at Skydog Ranch in Oregon
  • Forage-Focused Diets for Sport Horses

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    Want to learn the skills you need to take on the Mongol Derby?


    The Mongol Derby Academy 2024 will take place from 25th July 2024 to 31st July 2024.

    The Mongol Derby Academy is designed to give you the skills you need to compete in and complete the Mongol Derby. It’s primarily aimed at riders who are interested in finding out more about the Mongol Derby and testing their skills. Bob Long, winner of the 2019 Mongol Derby, completed the Academy, an experience that could have given him the edge.

    The ultimate in training experiences, the Mongol Derby Academy takes place over seven days in the Mongolian Steppe. You will learn about each major aspect of the famous race, partaking in a long distance ride equivalent to a couple of legs of the race itself and culminating in the Mongol Derby Herder Trials, a phenomenal celebration of traditional horsemanship in Mongolia. The camp stands alone as a unique equine experience for anyone who wants to experience Mongolian culture, the incredible semi-wild horses and training legs of the race in a controlled environment.

    This is a comprehensive but massively enjoyable training course, designed to give you everything you need to be ready to tackle the Mongol Derby. The course is designed as an introduction to the fundamentals of the Mongol Derby. You will learn how to change horses efficiently at horse stations while going through Mongol Derby vet checks, you’ll know what to expect on the first leg, and gain an understanding of the terrain, the horses, and the culture. You'll go through extensive navigational training using a Garmin GPS, going over everything from how to read and use a topographical map, to understanding how to operate the GPS itself. Once through the Academy, you will be prepared to take on the race itself.

    For more details, see:

    Hillbillie Willie and the Sleeping Giant

    June 22 2024
    by Merri Melde

    Sleeping Giant, the new Montana ride, is only around 8 hours from Oreana, so we loaded up Regina’s trailer with 3 horses and headed there on Thursday. Of course, “8 hours” is by car when you’re on a mission, and our adventuresome trip took 11 hours.

    But when we pulled into Ridecamp in a field of yellow flowers on a private ranch north of Helena next to the Missouri River where the Nez Perce people lived and roamed, and where Lewis and Clark once floated by, it was worth the journey. The scenery is gorgeous, just the kind of country that makes you want to jump on a horse and ride into. I’d never ridden in Montana before so I couldn’t wait to hit these trails. “Sleeping Giant” comes from the mountain ridge above ridecamp, which resembles a giant sleeping on his back.

    Hillbillie Willie was of course traveling with his BFF DWA Barack, and his frenemy DWA Papillon, and after his unexpected wacko antics at Eagle Canyon this year, I wasn’t sure quite how he was going to behave at the ride. We’d be doing the 50-miler on day 1 (and possibly day 2) and one of his buddies would do a 25 each day. Willie and I practiced leaving them at times to walk around camp on Friday, and he seemed to handle it well. Maybe Saturday’s start wouldn’t be so bad!

    I was hoping for that perfect spot at the start of day 1’s 50, not too many people strung out ahead of us, not too many people behind, not too fast, not too slow. Who could I ride with that might match Willie’s pace? Willie was pretty calm as we warmed up before the start (yay!), and I ended up talking with Teresa from Minnesota aboard her seasoned 18-year-old gelding Aaz. “You want to ride together?” She asked. I said “Sure!” but with the caveat I always add, “We can try,” because I just don’t know anymore if my horse is going to be on crack or not, and if he is, my plans are out the window.

    We let the fast riders go out first, and walked out the gate (!), before settling into a trot. Willie was amped and a bit bumpy, but not crazy (yay!). And with a calm influencer ahead of him, Willie settled into his fast trot, pulling, but not pulling my arms out of their sockets. In fact, he only pulled for 32 minutes (yes I looked) before he settled into hard work, and it did help that we soon headed uphill, up and up and up...

    Read the rest here

    Montana’s Inaugural Sleeping Giant Endurance Ride: Just Wow!

    By Merri Melde-Endurance.net
    June 19 2024

    With the termination of the long-running Fort Howes Endurance ride near Ashland, Montana, that left a big hole and a huge hoofprint to fill in the ride calendar for Montana.

    Enter Endurance riding families Cindi Weist of Choteau, Ann Depizzol of Helena, and Vonnie and David Brown of Great Falls. They all lamented the loss of Endurance rides in Montana.

    Cindi regularly drove through Gates of the Mountains, along the Missouri River just north of Helena. “I kept thinking, I wish I can ride these trails, it's looking so wonderful. This would be a good place for an Endurance ride.”

    Ann remembers hearing about her mom riding in the Governor’s Cup in the 1990s on the Sieben Ranch, owned by the Baucus family.

    “I drive past that area all the time and have friends of the land owners,” Ann said. “Ava (my daughter) rode the Sieben Ranch years ago as they are very generous with their land and horse riding.

    “Anne Perkins [another Endurance rider from Helena] is good friends with Cathy Campbell, one of the land owners, and made the introduction to Vonnie and Dave, and they talked with Cathy, and it all started there! We met with Cathy last fall and she loved the idea…as our trails needed to expand, the Baucus’s got involved and agreed also!...”

    Read the rest here

    Wales: ‘We raced the last mile’: cob pips Arab to triumph in this year’s Man V Horse race

    Yourhorse.co.uk - Full Story

    Natalie Clark
    17 June 2024

    A black cob triumphed in this year’s epic Man V Horse race, Georgina Silk and her father Peter’s Branny completing the 24-mile race in a time of 2hrs 37mins. Every year hundreds of people flock to Llanwrtyd Wells — one of the smallest towns in Britain — where 1,100 runners took on 60 horses this time and battled to be the quickest to complete the Welsh track.

    “Branny is a cob, so she isn’t fast but she does keep going at a consistent speed whatever the terrain. Another rider caught me up towards the end on an Arab who was so much faster, but Branny kept cantering downhill and we stayed ahead. We raced the last mile, which was exhilarating,” said Georgina, a mother-of-one who hadn’t ridden for six months prior to lining up on the start line...

    Read more here:

    2024 Sleeping Giant photos by David Hollenback

    2024 Sleeping Giant Endurance ride photos in Montana by David Hollenback:

    2024 Trout Lake photos by David Honan

    2024 Trout Lake Endurance ride photos in Washington by David Honan:

    Montana: Endurance horse riders take on Sleeping Giant

    KRTV.com - Full Article and video

    By: Tommy Lynch
    Posted at 7:53 AM, Jun 16, 2024

    GATES OF THE MOUNTAINS — The American Endurance Riders Conference (AERC) hosted the first Sleeping Giant Endurance Rides from June 14 through 16.

    The AERC lost their last Montanan endurance ride last year. Instead of not hosting a ride in the state, they managed to gain access to the land near Sleeping Giant for the rides.

    The Sleeping Giant Wilderness Study Area is a non-motorized recreation area located on the west side of the Missouri River and Holter Lake, about 30 miles north of Helena. The rock formation is a well-known landmark, readily visible from Helena.

    “Your horse has to pass vet checks every certain mileage, for instance, 10 to 15 miles,” said Suzanne Hayes, one of the endurance riders, “They go through a vet check and the horse has to be recovered metabolically as well as look shiny and bright and ready to go on...”

    Read more and see video here:

    2024 June's Horses in the Morning Endurance Podcast

    Horsesinthemorning.com - Listen

    Revisit: Living on the Road With Horses, Friesian Rocks the LD Rides: Endurance Day for Nov 10, 2020

    Jun 11, 2024

    Revisit: Michelle and her daughter Scout share how they are living full time on the road with their horses. Magali McGreevy is kicking butt with her Friesian Harlaam and she stops by to tell us all about it. Rump rugs, quarter sheets, or exercise rugs; whatever you call them we answer the questions you never thought to ask. Listen in...


    Podcast: Pushing Limits: McKayla and Sandy's first 50-mile Endurance ride

    TheHorsewoman Project Podcast - Listen

    The Horsewoman Project: An Equestrian Podcast

    June 11 2024

    In this solo episode, I share the intense experience of completing my first 50-mile ride with Sandy. Despite our thorough preparation, the journey was mentally and physically grueling, filled with moments of doubt and reflection.

    This experience has underscored the necessity of being kind to ourselves and recognizing the incredible efforts we put in as horsewomen. Let's navigate these challenges together.



    Australia: Tribute for Ron Males 1931-2024


    Ronald Philip OAM
    Aged 92 years
    18/10/1931 – 3/6/2024
    Passed away peacefully at home.

    Nothing could probably better sum up the legacy left by Ron Males than this quote.

    Ron, together with wife Val, founded Ralvon Stud in 1954. A stud whose hoofprints have left an indelible print in the Arabian community worldwide.

    It’s hard to know where to begin, and as I write this, on a personal level, the stories, memories and tears come flooding through my mind and down my cheeks – as I’m sure they do for many.

    Ron forged so many new pathways for Arabian lovers, breeders and owners – Ralvon mares and stallions became the cornerstone of many breeding programmes, both in Australia and worldwide.

    In 1966, Ron, together with wife Val, were instrumental in planning and organising the first Tom Quilty 100 mile Endurance ride, and then, he was also instrumental in the foundation of the Australian Endurance Riders Association in 1967.

    Ron, during his endurance career, claimed 21 Qulity buckles – he was the first to gain his 1000 mile buckle (10 completions) without a single vet out – a record in itself.

    In 1969, a chestnut colt was born on Ron’s birthday – this colt. Ralvon Pilgrim, (Rikham x Trix Silver), in 1977 went on to become the first International Arabian Champion Stallion when taken to the UK to be shown. Prior to his World Championship win, he had amassed an outstanding show record in Australia. His progeny today span the globe...

    Read the rest here

    Australia: Jackie Byrnes' legacy in athletics, endurance riding to be remembered

    NoosaToday.com.au - Full Article

    Erle Levey

    Australian sporting circles have lost a cherished supporter, champion coach, and passionate lover of endurance horse riding.

    Jackie Byrnes has coached elite Australian athletes including Melinda Gainsford-Taylor and Jana Pittman, and was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in 2010 for her contributions to the sport.

    Yet Jackie was also much loved in the Queensland Endurance Riding Association (QERA) through her years as horse owner, breeder and rider.

    Australian Endurance Riding Association secretary and QERA management committee member Kim Moir said she was “the loveliest, bubbliest person.”

    As recently as April, Jackie was at Imbil to support the Far-A-Way Easter Endurance Carnival.

    For many years she competed on her grey Arabian mare Cooroora Carmen throughout Queensland including Biggenden, Cooyar, Blackbutt, Fernvale, Eidsvold, Murrumba and Widgee...

    Read more here:

    A Golden Trifecta for UAE's Saeed

    FEI.org - full story

    08 June 2024
    Words by Stacey Stearns

    There's no stopping this young Endurance talent...

    Saeed Salem Atiq Khamis Al Muhairi already has three Individual gold medals in Endurance on his resume at just 22 years old. His Endurance involvement spans more than a decade of riding, first in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), his home country, and then internationally as well.

    Saeed is focused on the future though, as he continues pursuing Endurance goals.

    “Representing my country is a privilege coveted by many riders, making it a special opportunity.”

    Saeed’s golden run

    His gold medals were in 2017, 2019, and 2021, winning the FEI Endurance World Championships for Junior and Young Riders three times consecutively before ageing out. First, he rode Rabdan for the gold at the 2017 Championships in Italy. Next, in 2019, Saeed rode Theeban in Italy and claimed the Individual gold again. Saeed and Haleh claimed the 2021 individual gold medal in his last year as a young rider at the competition in the Netherlands...

    Read more here:

    2024 Mary and Anna Memorial 100 - Emilee Randal

    June 5 2024
    By Emilee Randal

    Finally have time to sit down and write a ride recap for The Mary and Anna Memorial ride. My first 100. First and foremost, none of this would have been possible without my mom, Darlene, Max, Fire’s previous owner, Cat, who did so much to make sure she held up well, Kristine, Celena, Joslynn, Siri, Sarah, and so many other people.

    Back in March, Darlene put the wild idea into my head that I could probably do the 100 at Mary and Anna. I thought she was absolutely insane, because WHAT?! My initial goal was Tevis, but this year I’m going to go crew. Darlene thought it would be a great first 100 and she was right. Surprising, I know! We decided it would be smart to have me ride with Max at Eagle Canyon to see if our mares were well matched for 100 miles. You put a half thoroughbred mare and an off the track arabian, both competitve, together for 100 miles, and they won’t tell you if they’re tired. Despite angry mare stares all day and mild concern that they would push eachother too hard at MAMR, we decided to give it a go. I fed Fire everything she would eat, her ugly duckling clip grew out, and before I knew it, it was time to go. Fire was well prepared with regular BEMER sessions, chiropractic work, and some massage work...

    Read the rest here

    2024 Moonshine Run photos by Jessica Jones

    2024 Moonshine Run Endurance ride photos in Georgia by Jessica Jones, Unbridled Imagery:

    2024 City of Rocks Pioneer photos by Merri Melde

    2024 City of Rocks Pioneer Endurance ride photos in Idaho by Merri Melde, The Equestrian Vagabond Photography:

    2024 Mary and Anna Memorial Ride photos by Jala Neufeld

    2024 Mary and Anna Memorial Endurance ride photos in Oregon by Jala Neufeld, DKTAJAY Photography:

    Wild Horses Find Sanctuary at Skydog Ranch in Oregon

    BendSource.com - Full Article

    Over 300 wild horses and 50 burros saved after their capture now call 9,000 acres of breathtaking, rugged land in Prineville home

    By Tiffany Neptune

    Witnessing a wild horse run free is an experience unlike any other, but these sights are more rare as more horses are captured from their lives in the wild. As uncertain fates await those still roaming the American West as well as the mustangs and burros already detained, some, like the hundreds who graze the lands of Skydog Ranch & Sanctuary, are given another chance at life.

    Upon learning more about the branded neck of her second horse, a mustang named Buddy, Clare Staples mounted a personal campaign to educate herself about mustangs in the West to understand exactly why the wild horse (mustang), population continues to diminish and what is ultimately happening to them. That led her to found Skydog, creating a wild haven for horses and donkeys (burros), to escape neglect, starvation, abuse and death.

    As a child, "I would run away to the stables and take care of these horses and muck all day just to be able to be around them. I would breathe them in and bury my face in a horse's neck and everything would be OK," Staples said, recounting her less-than-happy childhood.

    Taking stock of her life at 50, Staples realized she sought more than material grandeur, sharing, "I really felt like being of service and having a purpose were the keys to a happy life and a joy that was more sustainable." She effectively turned away from a glamorous Malibu, California, existence, dedicating everything to reunite wild horse families and save equines in need...

    Read more here:

    Forage-Focused Diets for Sport Horses

    Thehorse.com - Full Article

    May 10, 2024
    Posted by Madeline Boast, MSc
    Regularly monitor your horse’s condition and workload to ensure his energy requirements are being met with a forage-focused diet this show season.

    Q. My 7-year-old Thoroughbred has recently started training as an event horse. We’ve found that he does best on a forage-focused diet, but I’m worried that might not be enough as he starts his first year of competition. Should I consider changing his diet? How can I be certain his needs are being met with a forage-focused diet through the competition season?

    A. Forage-focused diets are fantastic choices for many horse owners because horses have evolved to consume a fibrous diet. If a forage-focused diet is best for your Thoroughbred, there is no need to change that simply because he will be competing this year. However, there are a few steps you can take to ensure his diet supports his increased nutritional needs. The Base Diet for Horses

    Typically, dry hay comprises most of a horse’s diet throughout the year. Unlike forage products such as hay cubes, hay does not come with a nutritional label...

    Read more here: